Virginia Chinchillas

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Hello!  Thanks for taking the time to check out my website. My name is Abigail Wilson, and I am a small hobby breeder in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

I bought my first chinchilla from a pet store years ago.  His name was Max.  Unfortunately, Max had been raised on a ranch and had not been well-socialized.  I soon came to find out Max was suffering from some serious health problems.  Despite our best efforts and the work of our fantastic veterinarian, Max passed away.  It was very sad, but I knew I wanted another chinchilla. 

I decided to research local breeders.  I found that most private breeders treat their chinchillas as pets, handling kits every day from birth.  I bought my second chinchilla from a private breeder in southern Virginia.  My husband and I named her Bee (a funny name, I know).  The difference in personality and overall tameness was incredible!  I resolved then to only buy from reputable private breeders.  I have never been disappointed yet!

While I have owned chinchillas for several years now (and loved every second of that time) I never really considered breeding them until Bee delivered two beautiful white mosaic kits.  Once I held those precious little ones I was hooked!  I began preparing to breed chinchillas right then.

I now have four breeding pairs.  I breed ebonies, violets, beiges, standards, and sapphires.  As with most hobby breeders, all of my chinchillas receive one-on-one attention each and every day.  Because of this they are extremely friendly and outgoing.  Kits are handled every day from the day they are born.  Honestly, who could resist cuddling them every day?

While you are considering buying a chinchilla, I encourage you to do as much research as you can.  Chinchillas are wonderful animals to have around, but they are not for everyone.  They are extremely lively and intelligent, playful, and very clean in comparison to other rodents.  They have very little to no odor if their cage is kept properly clean, and they are not generally prone to a lot of health problems.  However, their physical needs are very specific, and their systems can be quite sensitive.  This is something you must consider before buying a chinchilla.  They are also very independent and a bundle of energy...these are not lap animals.  They love to jump and run and play around. 

I have provided some information to you in the following pages, but I would encourage you to visit other sites, especially, and  These sites (and their owners) have been an invaluable source of information to me and I hope you find them to be just as helpful.  I have also listed some other helpful webpages on my links page.


I would like to thank Amanda Dean-Wilson (Fuzzy Chins), and all of my fellow breeders at the Chinchilla Club, for their endless patience and support.  I would never have been able to experience the joy of these animals without you all.

This is Bee, my second chinchilla.